Exam Room

An ultrasound uses sound waves to take pictures of the inside of your body. These pictures give your Doctor information about the size, shape and texture of the body part being scanned. Gel is put on the skin and a transducer (an instrument shaped like a microphone) is moved over the area. This sends sound waves into the body and the returning sound waves (or echoes) make a picture on the video screen. The Sonographer (Technologist) or Radiologist (specialized Doctor) will take pictures.

A booking notification will go to your requesting Doctor, this will include any necessary prep instructions. If you have any questions regarding these instructions please contact your requesting Doctor for more information.

For most patients, they can stay in their clothes and uncover the area the doctor wants scanned.  Some patients will need to put on a hospital gown.

Outpatient Ultrasound scans are by pre-booked appointment only. The Technologists strive to start each scan on time, but emergency patients and other unforeseen events may cause a delay. If you have any questions regarding your booking, call our Bookings department. Do you know where we are located within the hospital?