Our Program

About Music Therapy

Music therapy is a research-based practice and part of the multidisciplinary team. A Certified Music Therapist uses music, within a therapeutic relationship, to support patients in improving areas of their health, functioning development and well-being. Sessions can be individual or group. Music therapy can support any patient regardless of age, musical skill, severity of illness, ability or culture.

How Can Music Therapy Help?

Music therapy can help a patient in a variety of ways including:

  • Providing a distraction during procedures
  • Supporting pain management
  • Providing a sense of normalcy
  • Supporting coping with the hospitalization or illness
  • Providing an opportunity for self-expression
  • Encouraging verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Supporting relaxation/sleep
  • Providing developmental support
  • Supporting parent/infant bonding
  • Decreasing feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and agitation
  • Aiding in physical and cognitive rehabilitation
  • Supporting the patient/family during end-of-life care