Education Support

Education is an important part of recovery for many of PEPP's clients. At PEPP we are unique in that we have a teacher on staff to help our clients reach their educational goals in whatever form they may take.

Education at PEPP offers:

  • One-to-one instruction with a teacher,
  • Help to connect and/or reconnect with guidance and supportive services at local high schools, colleges and universities,
  • Assist in identify what support would be helpful for a client through cognitive assessment,
  • Support clients with the social aspect of school and to be comfortable in an academic setting, and
  • Aid clients with articulating their own needs and to become advocates for themselves within educational settings.

Throughout the year we run different workshops and groups for clients. Our Cognitive Skills Training Group (COST) is our most popular educational group where clients learn skills to help them succeed in school. COST, run by PEPP's psychologist and teacher, includes learning how to take notes, read textbooks, listen to lectures, write essays and ways to improve memory skills. It also covers topics such as how the brain works and who a client can ask for assistance if they run into difficulties in school. Clients who have participated in this group report better functioning in school as well in their daily life.

The aim of PEPP's educational services is to support the client in all that they do with respect to school and learning. No client will be left to navigate the often confusing path of education on their own. Working with PEPP's educational services will leave the client feeling empowered, knowledgeable and supported.