Psychology at PEPP

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Psychological services are provided by a psychologist, a psychometrist (someone who administers psychological tests), as well as psychology students and pre-doctoral residents.

Psychology staff members at PEPP are involved in teaching and research, and they provide the following clinical services:

  • Individual therapy: The goals and methods of treatment are flexible, designed for the client with the client. Therapy often involves exploring how clients’ make sense of and respond to their experiences and symptoms, and examining how these beliefs and behaviours shape how they feel and behave. A broad range of issues can be addressed in therapy, including anxiety, depression, psychotic symptoms, substance use, social concerns, and how to live with "mental illness."
  • Group therapy: Psychology staff facilitate many groups currently offered at PEPP including the Cognitive Skills Training (COST), Alcohol and Drug Discussion (ADD), and Youth Education and Support (YES).
  • Neuropsychological assessment: A neuropsychological, or cognitive, assessment is a measure of someone’s ability to perform a variety of mental skills, such as remembering, concentrating, and solving problems.