Signs and Symptoms

Psychosis involves a change in one’s perception of reality which can lead to impaired functioning and to deterioration in judgment. Psychosis can be a reaction to stress, can be drug induced, or can be due to an underlying mental health condition. The following symptoms may be present in an episode of psychosis:

  • Hallucinations and disturbances in perceptions: In this instance, the person would see, hear, taste, and smell things that are not there.
  • Delusions: Clearly unjustified beliefs and judgments, such believing that you are being followed or persecuted with no external evidence.
  • Disorganized thinking: Feeling confused or feeling like thoughts are speeding up or slowing down. One may also experience difficulty concentrating or following a conversation.

“Getting sick- some people make it sound like getting a cold or something. It’s not. The people at PEPP helped me understand that I was sick and that they could help.”