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Automated Attendant:

Accesses all pharmacy staff, inpatient pharmacies, pharmacy purchasing, retail pharmacies

Prescription Centre:

Victoria Hospital
A2-400 (A Tower) - 800 Commissioners Road

B1-001 (B Tower) - 800 Commissioners Road

London, Ontario



University Hospital
339 Windermere Road
London, Ontario


London Regional Cancer Program
800 Commissioners Road
London, Ontario

Interim Director Patricia Dool
Ext. 32605
Administrative Assistant to Interim Director Lisa Rader
Ext. 74755
Drug Information & Drug Use Management  
Ext. 33172
Pharmacy Practice Leader & Residency Specialist  Venita Harris
Ext. 52642
Pharmacy Clinical & Research Manager Reanne Marchioni
Ext. 34248
Pharmacy Operational Interim Manager
Victoria Hospital
Rashma Khan
Ext. 77814
Pharmacy LRCP, Oncology, Renal, Pediatrics & Mental Health Clinical and Operational Interim Manager Irene Lee
Ext. 56564
Pharmacy Interim Operational Manager, University Hospital Bradley Linton
Ext. 32623
Pharmacy Manager to A2 Prescription Centre, Victoria Hospital Joseph Sarkis Ext. 73453
Administrative Assistant to all Pharmacy Managers Linda Gee Ext. 52037

Facsimile Numbers


University Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy


Prescription Centre - Victoria Hospital - A Tower - A2-400


Prescription Centre - Victoria Hospital - B Tower - B1-001


Prescription Centre - University Hospital


LRCP Pharmacy


Pharmacy/Purchasing Office VH


Drug Information