Our Team

Dr. C. Clarson Endocrinologist
Dr. R. Stein Endocrinologist
Dr. P. Gallego Endocrinologist
Dr. M. Sottosanti Paediatrician - Trained in Diabetes
Ms. Janet Dawe Nurse Clinician
Ms. Ruth Duncan Clinical Nurse Specialist
Ms .Monica Dawe Nurse Clinician
Ms. Leslie Appeldoorn Lead Clinic Nurse
Dr. E. Gold Psychologist
Ms. Ruth Aitchison

Social Worker

Mr. Brian Seeley Social Worker
Ms. Johanna Kaipainen Registered Dietitian
Ms. Jenna MacIsaac Registered Dietitian
Ms. Tammy Lescadres Medical Secretary
Ms. Catherine Belegris Medical Secretary
Ms. Darlene Kristiansen Clerk

What We Provide
A team of specialists in Paediatric Diabetes care will work along with you to teach you about diabetes and its management.

Here is a description of the different professionals involved at the Children’s Hospital, and how each one can be of help to you. But remember, YOU are the most important part of the team!

Paediatric Endocrinologist

  • A Paediatrician with specialized training and experience in the management of diabetes.
  • The physician will supervise medical care and he or she will also spend time with you discussing management of diabetes at home.
  • The specialist is available to you by phone to assist you in the first few weeks of establishing insulin dosages.
  • The physician is available at regular check-ups every three months, as well as for diabetes related emergencies.

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Nurse Clinician

  • A Registered Nurse with additional education/expertise in diabetes.
  • He/She will help you understand diabetes and the required routines for good home management.
  • He/She will ensure you are well informed and well prepared for safe diabetes management                                              

Registered Dietitian

  • A team member who has studied nutrition and the effect of food on the human body.
  • The Dietitian will teach you about healthy eating and meal plans.
  • He/She will also provide you with information regarding the use of diabetic foods, eating out, and exercising.

Social Worker

  • A counsellor who will help you deal with the changes involved in adjusting to diabetes in your family.
  • He/She will listen to your concerns, provide emotional support and represent your feelings to other team members.
  • He/She will provide practical help, (e.g. financial) or referral to a community resource as indicated.
  • The social worker is available to you at the time of diagnosis and in subsequent follow-up clinics, because adjustment to diabetes is an ongoing process.

Paediatric Medical Day Unit Staff Nurses

  • Registered nurses who provide day-to-day care in the Paediatric Medical Day Unit (PMDU) or on the ward.
  • He/She will teach basic skills—blood & urine testing, injections, etc.
  • He/She will report medical information and teaching progress to the physician and nurse clinician.

Child Life Specialist - by referral

  • Child Life Specialist provides individual and group programs to meet emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of children who are diagnosed with diabetes.
  • A Child Life Specialist can help if you need support for finger pricks, injections or blood testing procedures.

Psychologist - by referral

  • The psychologist can provide emotional support and stress management.
  • The psychologist helps in dealing with daily routines and issues (how to manage fears and anxieties associated with procedures, etc.) as well as assistance related to adjustment in family lifestyle, school and self-image.
  • If you are interested, discuss this with your physician, nurse clinician or social worker.

Art Therapist

  • The Art Therapist uses art-making and therapeutic play to offer children and adolescents opportunity to gain a sense of control in managing their diabetes and expressing their feelings.
    Note: The art therapy room is available to all children and their siblings attending clinics in the PMDU outpatient setting. Individual referrals are also available.

Medical Secretary

  • The Medical Secretary works for your doctor.
  • The secretay will book your child's office appointment with the doctor once a referral has been made.
  • The secretary will also book any further appointments or tests that you doctor thinks you require.
  • If you need to reschedule an office appointment with your doctor, call the Medical Secretary.


  • You will register with the Clerk whenever you come to clinic.
  • The Clerk will make any clinic appointments that you require. Make sure you book your next appointment each time before you leave the PMDU (Paediatric Medical Day Unit).
  • If you need to reschedule a clinic appointment, call the Clerk.