Diabetes Resources for Kids

Hi! Thanks for checking us out today! The Diabetes Team at the Children’s Hospital knows it’s tough being a kid and managing diabetes.

After you’ve learned how to test your blood sugars, and give yourself insulin – everything else might seem easy. But we know there’s a lot to learn about food, and exercise and having a busy life with diabetes.

Here’s a few spots online you can go and learn more about diabetes, and staying healthy!:

What can YOU do??

Contact the local JDRF. London, ON:

  1. Be the captain of your own team in the Walk to Cure Diabetes
  2. Ask what you can do to fundraise at school, through your church, or local community centre
  3. Visit the Banting Museum located in London, and learn about how insulin was discovered:

Have you heard about the Diabetes ALL STAR?

Managing diabetes take a lot of work! Children, teens, parents and others do tasks every day to make sure the person with diabetes is healthy and safe.

The Pediatric Diabetes Team wants to say congratulations to people that have met and continue to meet goals along the way!

The Diabetes All Stars program is one way of saying “Great job”!!

If you meet the goal we have assigned for that month, you get to put your name on an All Star list, and your name is entered to win a monthly prize valued around $25!

Diabetes Camp!

Want to meet other kids or teens that do the same stuff you do to manage diabetes? Diabetes Camp runs every year, with locations all over Ontario – and Canada! Ask your team about it, or visit the D-Camps website to learn more

Bravery Beads

Bravery Beads!!

Ask your team social worker about the Bravery Bead program at the hospital. Collect beads on a necklace for attending clinic, trying new injection sites, getting blood work drawn, and more!!

Visit the Paediatric Family Resource Centre
Location: Zone B, 1st Floor, Room 006 (B1-006), Children’s Hospital
Check out books, DVD’s or pick up out Diabetes in School kit!