What To Expect

Children are treated according to severity of their illness with the sickest children being treated first. The Emergency Department does not operate on a first come first serve basis.

The Triage Nurse assesses the severity of your child’s condition upon arrival and monitors their condition while your child waits to be seen by the physician.

What happens next
Once a treatment area becomes available, your child will be called in and the primary nurse will complete a more detailed history and examination and provide care as needed.

The nurse will then consult with the physician. A primary nurse is each child’s “own” nurse who is responsible for their care. The primary nurse may have more than one patient at a time so other nurses may assist in your child’s care.

The Staff Physician will examine your child, ordering any tests or treatments necessary. Residents and medical students consult with the staff physician to determine a plan of care.

When tests or treatments are completed, the nursing staff and physicians will reassess your child and a plan for your child to go home is made. If your child needs to stay in the hospital, a referral to another service or program will be made. The admitting team of physicians will come to the Emergency Department to see you and your child and make those arrangements.

Our team recognizes how stressful illness or injury can be, not only to your child but also to your family. You know your child best, so we will include you as we assess and treat your child.