Seizure First Aid

In the event of a seizure, please take the following steps.

  1. Stay calm: It is important to stay calm as most seizures will run their course and end naturally within a few minutes.
  2. Time it: If a seizure lasts more than five minutes or repeats without full recovery between seizures, call 911. Call 911 if the person is pregnant, has diabetes, is injured from the seizure or if the seizure occurs in water. Call 911 if you are not sure the person has epilepsy or a seizure disorder.
  3. Protect from injury: Move sharp objects out of the way. If the person falls to the ground, roll them onto their side and place something soft under their head. If the person wanders about, stay by their side and gently steer them away from danger. When the seizure ends, provide reassurance and stay with the person if they are confused.
  4. Do not restrain: You may hurt the person if your try to hold them or pin them down or you may hurt yourself. Restraining someone will not stop the seizure.
  5. Do not put anything in their mouth: Do not put anything in a person’s mouth when they are having a seizure.