Paediatric Regional Education Program (PREP) is a program offered by the Michael Gunning Simulation Centre that is set-up to deliver in-situ paediatric education/care to the community. Children’s Hospital is the tertiary care centre that works with over 30 hospitals. PREP will travel to these hospitals to provide education based on Paediatric Care.

We foster a safe learning environment where participants can fully participate in different Paediatric Cases. Participants have the opportunity to experience the full care process where they will work in teams, talk to their patients as well as family members, perform physical examinations, practice procedures and communicate effectively with a team.

A benefit to having PREP come to your hospital is people will be able to find the equipment, medication and experience a paediatric case that may be common or uncommon in your facility. As well people will be able to work with potential teams that they often get to work with or work with on a rare occasion which will help enhance the communication.

If you are interested in bringing a simulation workshop to your clinical facility, please contact us at MGSC@lhsc.on.ca