Thoracic Physiotherapy

What is the Thoracic Physiotherapy Program?

It is a 6 week exercise program designed to improve the endurance of your heart, lungs, and muscles. The program includes warm-up and cool-down stretches, arm and leg exercises. Participants will also exercise


on a treadmill and/or stationary bicycle.

Why is Exercise Important?

The benefits of exercise include:

  • decreased sensitivity to shortness of breath
  • improved breathing control
  • improved blood flow to your muscles
  • improved energy and endurance
  • improved mood and sense of well-being

Who is Eligible?

Referrals are accepted from LHSC physicians for people with lung disease.

Where is the Thoracic Physiotherapy Program located?

The Thoracic Physiotherapy Program is located in Building E (The Old Westminster Tower) of Victoria Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, on the 3rd Floor, Room #120. The exact Room # is E3-120. If you will be driving daily, you may want to purchase a monthly parking pass from the parking attendant OR you

Simple Map

may wish to use the meters located behind building E (access off the Commissioners Road entrance to the hospital). The Parking Lot #7 is located off the Baseline Road entrance (see map). It is best to use the Parking Meters when you come in for your Assessment Visit.

What Happens at Your Assessment Visit?

For your first assessment you will be doing a 6-minute test and completing a questionnaire with the physiotherapist. This appointment will take approximately 75 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for exercise. Eat at least 2 hours before and use your inhalers as usual. If you normally use oxygen or use a walker please bring it with you.

When Does the Program Take Place?

These exercise classes take place Monday to Friday in the afternoons. It takes approximately an hour and a half to complete the program each day.

For more information, please call (519) 685-8500 ext 52365.

The physiotherapist looks forward to seeing you soon!