Thoracic Surgery Staff

Location and Contact Information

Nancy Costello, Assistant to Dr. R. Inculet

Maria Silveira, Assistant to Dr. D. Fortin

Colleen Dewaele, Assistant to Dr. Malthaner

Sokhary Phang, Assistant to Dr. R. Nayak

  • Location: E2-004
  • Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension: 56927

Sarah Telford, Assistant to Dr. M. Qiabi 

Danielle Lozier, Nurse Practitioner

  • Location: E2-003

Paul Kaups, Nurse Practitioner

  • Location: E2-003

Nicola Crich, Physician Assistant 

  • Location: E2-003

Linda Heidenheim, Registered Nurse

  • Location: E2-112

Tammy Wesche, Registered Nurse

  • Location: E2-112

Deb Lewis, Research Coordinator

  • Location: E2-003
  • Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension: 75685