What's New and Quick References


Anaesthetic Gases

Policy for Administration in Critical Care

Analgesia and Sedation

Analgesia and Sedation Protocol (Analgogesia)


ARDS Management Decision Tree

Arterial Lines

Central Venous or Arterial Line Insertion Checklist

Arterial Line Insertion Bundle

Arterial Line Maintenance Bundle

Arterial Line Dressing Change Bundle

Bedside Assessment Tools

Link to tools and laminated bedside assessment cards

Blood Cultures

Blood Culture Decision Tree

FAQs for blood culture sampling

Administration of Antimicrobials in Sepsis

Procedure for ordering cultures in Power Chart


List of Frequently Ordered Tests

Central Venous Lines

Central Venous or Arterial Line Insertion Checklist

Central Line Insertion Bundle

Central Line Maintenance Bundle

Central Line Dressing Change Bundle

Central Line Dressing Trial Instructions

CEEG: Continuous EEG

Full Power Point

Brief Setup Display

Chest Drainage

New Safety Standards for disconnected tubes

Clostridium Difficile

Interpretation of Results (Scroll to page 3 for flow chart on interpretation of lab results)



CODE Stroke

Protocol, posters and t-PA dosing

Continuous ScvO2

Continuous ScvO2 monitoring

CRRT antibiotic dosing adjustment

Adjustment guidelines


Electronic Orders for CRRT

How to enter orders: Sequence for signing

Potassium, Heparin, Citrate and Calcium Titration Protocols

Continuous Renal Replacement Orders (Decision Tree for Filter Anticoagulation)

Principles for Use of Citrate Anticoagulation Protocol

Ordering Guidelines for CRRT in CCTC

Cytotoxic Safety Management

Datex Monitors:

New modes for Datex Monitors


Delirium Resource Centre


See Standards: Documentation

Discharge or Transfer from CCTC

Nursing Checklist for discharge to home

Assessment Information

Medicine Transfer Process

How to discontinue critical care orders at transfer

End of Life Care

Checklist (to promote quality EOL care)

Enteral Feeding Protocol for Patients Going to the Operating Room

Protocol for When to Withholding or Continue Enteral Feeds


Quick tips on monitoring and documentation

High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Link to policy

High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation (HFOV)

Nursing Tip Sheet for Patients on HFOV


Hypothermia Procedural Checklist


Link to LHSC ILearn for Employees

Infection Control Supplies

Infection Control Cart

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

Insertion of an ICP line: Quick Steps

Infection Control and Prevention website for LHSC/SJHC

Intravenous insertion (peripheral)

Overview and tips for insertion of BD Nexiva in CCTC

Lab Care Sets: CCTC

CCTC Care sets

Lidocaine infusion for pain

Lidocaine Infusion

Massive Transfusion Protocol

Massive Transfusion Protocol Kit

Massive Transfusion Protocol

Massive Transfusion Protocol Ordering Guidelines

Tracking Sheet for Recording Blood Products/Prompting Lab/Interventions

Medical Directives

Non-ACLS Medical Directives for RNs in Adult Critical Care


Compatible tracheostomies

Incompatible tracheostomies

Neuro Muscular Blocking Agents

Drug selection and drug comparison

Obstetrical Patient in CCTC:

Link to Resources

Organ Donation Policy

Link to Corporate Policy (Internal access)

Patient and Family Experience (PAFE) Committee


Family Brochure

Philips Monitors


Overview of Monitoring Hardware and Configuration

Central Station and Data Storage

Admitting, Discharging, Standby and Transferring

Display and Navigation


Changing Profiles and Using Comfort Mode

Alarm Functions

Waveform Functions



Capnography (End Tidal CO2)

ECG Monitoring Rhythm Analysis

ECG 12 Lead Monitoring

EEG Continuous (CEEG): Setting Up the Monitor

EEG Continuous (CEEG): Understanding the Principles

Pressure Monitoring Principles

Respiratory Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Policy of the Month

Link to Policy of the Month reviews

Procedural Safety Pause:

Procedural Safety Pause (self and team assessment)

Prone Positioning (Updated June 3, 2015):

Turning Prone

Quick Steps to Turning

Turning Supine

Pulmonary Artery Catheter:

New Set-up for PA and CVP (2 transducer no bridge)

Quick Checklist for Insertion

Quick Checklist for Measurement of Cardiac Outuput


Patient, Visitor and Health Care Worker Safety

Procedural Safety Pause

Safety Bundles (blood stream infection and ventilator associated pneumonia reduction)


Sedation and Analgesia Protocol (Analgogesia)

Sedation Weaning Assessment Protocol (SWAP)

VAP Reduction Bundle Refresher:

VAP Prevention Bundle

Sedation Charting Standard

Oral Care Routine


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