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Rapid Infuser

IV Tubing Assembly

Rapid Infuser 1
  • The bag(s) is(are) spiked and hung in each of the pressure infusers.
  • One bag can be placed in the infuser and operating while the next bag is prepared for the other pressure infuser.
  • Make sure all connections are tight!
  • To pressurize the infuser turn toggle switch to + and it will pressurize to 300 mmHg. Pressurization is not required.
  • Depressurize when changing a bag.
Rapid Infuser 2
  • The long capillary tube (heat exchanger tube) is inserted firmly into the holder at #1. (See image at right.)

  • Note: tubing is latex free.

Rapid Infuser 3
Rapid Infuser 4
  • The top of the long capillary tube (heat exchanger) is inserted into holder #2.

  • The silver knob on the left must be pulled out which allows holder #2 to be moved upwards.

  • Align the top of the capillary tube with the hole and push holder #2 down locking it in place.

Rapid Infuser 5
  • Capillary tube (heat exchanger) locked into place at the top with holder #2.
Rapid Infuser 6
  • The small bubble trap (filter w/gas vent)  is snapped firmly into place on the lower clamp.

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