Patient Safety Plan

Patient Safety Plan 2022-2026 – overview 

London Health Sciences Centre’s 2022-2026 Patient Safety Plan is a guiding document that represents a new direction and significant shift in patient safety culture. Through the implementation of a proactive and resilient system of patient safety management, this plan will drive forward the LHSC strategic direction to deliver exceptional equality and safety. 

Everyone has a role to play. 

In this new direction, risks are anticipated and managed in advance and incidents are reviewed from a learning perspective. 

Results informed 

The 2022-2026 Plan incorporates the results of the Canadian Patient Safety Culture Survey, completed by staff and physicians in September 2020. Survey results illustrated that efforts are needed to rebuild trust and enhance communications with respect to patient safety. The 2022-2026 Patient Safety Plan is informed by current literature, an environmental scan, internal data and stakeholder feedback. These findings, combined with the results of the Canadian Patient Safety Culture Survey, signaled that a shift in focus and a proactive approach to safety was needed.