Regulatory Compliance

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are items of importance to both the provincial and federal government. Particular legislation and regulations have been developed to address these items and LHSC ensures that it meets any requirements outlined in them. Below is a summary of each of the regulations that LHSC is currently in compliance with.

The Green Energy Act—regulation 397/11

The Green Energy Act was created to expand renewable energy generation, encourage energy conservation, and promote the creation of clean energy jobs. Regulation 397/11 pertains to the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan portion of this act. This regulation requires LHSC to:

  1. Prepare, publish, make available to the public and implement an energy conservation and demand management plan or joint plans that detail information about its energy consumption, outlines goals and objectives for reducing energy consumption, lists cost and savings estimates for proposed measures, and confirms that the plan has been approved by senior management. This plan must be made available before July 1st 2014 and posted to the LHSC intranet/internet website. LHSC shall publish a revised plan on or before July 1, 2019 and every subsequent 5 years following.
  2. Provide a summary of its annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions for the year relative to the buildings or facilities as they are defined by the regulation. This summary must be submitted by July 1st each year to the Ministry of Energy and made available to the public on the intranet/internet website.

The energy use and greenhouse gas emission template submitted each year is shown below. The data is two years behind the year of submission; therefore the latest data pertains to 2017. View the latest report.

The Environmental Protection Act—regulation 452/09

Regulation 452/09 pertains to greenhouse gas emission reporting. It was brought into place largely because of the expectation that Canada would eventually become part of a carbon tax or cap and trade system. Anyone in Ontario emitting over 25,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas is required to report their greenhouse gas emissions to the Ministry of Environment and anyone over the 50,000 tonnes threshold must also report to Environment Canada. So far, LHSC has emitted approximately 45,000 tonnes per year and has been reporting to the Ministry of Environment for the last several years.