Information for Health Care Providers

London Health Sciences Centre's Bleeding Disorders Program (BDP) is one of 26 comprehensive care treatment centres in Canada dedicated to the care of individuals with hereditary bleeding disorders. Please visit the Canadian Hemophilia Registry & Rare Inherited Bleeding Disorders Registry to view the number of patients followed. Our BDP serves patients in London (Middlesex County) and surrounding regions. Borders include; west to Windsor (Essex County), north to Hanover (Lambton-Huron Counties), east to Paris (Oxford-Perth Counties) and south along the shores of Lake Erie (Elgin-Kent Counties). The success of the BDP is rooted in a multifaceted integrated model of care which links specialized interdisciplinary care providers, including an adult and pediatric hematologist, an advanced practice nurse, physiotherapist, adult and pediatric social workers, specialized laboratory technician services and the clients’ voluntary health agency – Hemophilia Ontario, Southwestern Ontario Region. BDP is indebted to countless community healthcare professionals who provide timely care to our patients. This section contains information and tools to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals in the community to care for individuals affected by these rare conditions.

Referral Guidelines:

Individuals who have or are suspected to have an inherited bleeding disorder are referred to the BDP by their family physician, gynecologist, dentist or other specialist. A referral may be made be faxing the request to the BDP at 519-685-8384 or calling the office at 519-685-8500 extension 53582.