Print Resources - Available in the Clinic

  • All About Carriers: All about Carriers is a book that may help girls and women who have inherited the factor VIII or IX hemophilia gene find answers to their questions
  • All About Hemophilia: A Guide for Families (2nd Edition): A comprehensive resource for families raising a child with hemophilia. First developed and published by the Canadian Hemophilia Society in 2001. For the second edition, the original chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated and four new chapters have been added covering the topics of prophylaxis, symptomatic carriers, sports and physical activities and transition to adult care.
  • Checking your child for bleeds: Leaflet developed to help parents recognized the signs and symptoms of potential bleeds. Developed with input from Novo Nordisk.
  • Checking your bleeds: Leaflet developed to help you recognized how to spot a bleed. Developed with input from Novo Nordisk.
  • Go For It (72 pages): A pocket sized, spiral bound book that provides guidance on physical activity and sports for people with hemophilia and related disorders. Published by the World Federation of Hemophilia in 1998.
  • Just A Boy (30 pages): A storybook designed to encourage children with a bleeding disorder to talk about what it's like to get factor.
  • Tips for Finding Childcare: A guide for parents of children with bleeding disorders (18 pages, bilingual)
  • Hemophilia: What School Personnel Should Know (14 pages): A handy reference to assist educators in the care of children with hemophilia at school. Includes first aid information as well as activity choices. Written by the Atlantic Canadian Nurses Group and published by the CHS in 2004.
  • Prophylaxis: Questions & Answers (11 pages): A booklet intended to provide information on prophylaxis.
  • Planning Travel: A Guide for People with Bleeding Disorders: No matter where you are going, everyone wants to have a safe and enjoyable trip. For people with chronic health issues, such as bleeding disorders, travel planning is essential. This pocket sized notebook is aimed at assisting with travels.
  • A Travel Guide: For person with bleeding disorders (39 pages): Pocket sized notebook containing tips for safe travel for individuals affected by an inherited bleeding disorder. Developed by the Canadian-American Nurse Exchange in 2000.
  • All about von Willebrand Disease (86 pages): A comprehensive guide for individuals and their families affected by von Willebrand Disease. Published by the Canadian Hemophilia Society in 2000.
  • A Home Treatment Guide and Notebook: For people with bleeding disorders (56 pages): Basic information provided to ensure safe home treatment practices in a format that makes the guide easy to use. Developed and written by the Western Canada Hemophilia Nurses Group, published in 2000.
  • Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign: The Emergency Guide: Prepare to Succeed

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