Family Feedback

Feedback from our patients and families is very important to us.

We collect family and patient feedback through question cards, which are distributed on each unit or you may fill it out using the link below. We will use this feedback along with other evidence to identify areas for improvement and ensure that we are providing patient and family-centred care.

Share your concerns

We encourage our patients and their families to ask questions, offer compliments, and voice their concerns.

You may share your concerns through any of the following:

Patient Relations Specialists

  • Are available to assist patients and families with access to and knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Will facilitate compliments, complaints and conflicts and serve as a mediator between the patient/family and the health care team.
  • Can be reached at 519 685-8500 extension. 55881 or 55882.

In Hospital

  • We encourage you to speak to any member of your care team.
  • You can also speak to a Social Worker. Any member of your health care team can assist you in contacting the appropriate social worker at your request. You may also contact Social Work Services directly at: 519-663-3131.

    Our Website

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