Health Professionals

This section of our website contains information and tools to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals in the community.

These services include: 

Family Physician Services

We offer services for Family Physicians to notify you when your patients are admitted to a Thames Valley hospital or seen by the hospital's emergency departments.

We provide a directory of programs and services at the Children's Hospital that offer information to assist you as a health professional.

Patient Activity Notification Service

If you are a local family physician whose patients are admitted to Children’s Hospital or London Health Sciences Centre or whose patients might be seen by the hospital's emergency departments, you might want to sign up for LeNS.

The London Hospitals electronic Notification Service (LeNS) is a free patient activity notification service provided by the London hospitals. This service is offered to all family physicians in Ontario. By subscribing to this service, you will receive electronic notification of the following events:

  • Inpatient admissions
  • Emergency department visits
  • Inpatient discharges
  • Inpatient transfers to other institutions
  • In-house deaths

To sign up for LeNS, you can:

CritiCall Ontario

For information about CritiCall Ontario:
Telephone: 289-396-7000

About CritiCall Ontario

CritiCall Ontario is one important number: 1-800-668-4357.
CritiCall is a 24/7/365 emergency consultation and referral service for hospital-based physicians in Ontario caring for critically ill patients.

CritiCall Ontario facilitates consultations between hospital-based physicians and medical specialists to help determine the best course of action for the patient. If the physician determines that the patient needs to be transferred to another hospital with different resources, CritiCall Ontario assists with this process by finding an appropriate facility with the required resources.

How does CritiCall's service work?
CritiCall Ontario operates a Call Centre, staffed by Call Agents trained in medical call management.
Please Note: Call Agents facilitate calls but do not make medical decisions.

Here’s how CritiCall works

  1. A hospital-based physician or designate calls CritiCall at 1-800-668-4357 (HELP).
  2. The most responsible physician (MRP) provides his/her College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) number.
  3. The CritiCall Call Agent will ask the physician or designate for their name, hospital site and location, contact phone number and the name of the MRP.
  4. Patient information requested may include: patient’s name, birth date, sex, area of residence, location of the patient within the hospital, initial diagnosis and specialty specific questions including pertinent medical history, medications, etc.
  5. The MRP will also be asked if other physicians or hospitals have already been contacted.
  6. The Call Agent will refer to the consultation referral cluster to determine options based on specialist availability and where they practice within the province.
  7. The first call will be a request for consultation and following consultation, the patient will either stay in the home hospital with management or be referred to a hospital with the level of care required.
  8. If referral is required, the first (consulting) physician will be asked to receive the patient. If the physician is unable, the Call Agent will contact other sites in the home hospital’s cluster of care.
  9. The order of referral options depends on the location of the home hospital, patient urgency and the current system capacity.

Benefits of using CritiCall Ontario
CritiCall Ontario is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

As a resource for physicians, CritiCall provides:

  • One phone call to access critical care support: CritiCall will make multiple calls on behalf of the calling physician to find a specialist who can provide a consultation. This saves physicians time that can be better spent caring for patients.
  • Patient documentation and collection of data: Every call CritiCall receives and initiates is recorded and all information regarding consultations and referrals is documented and compiled into reports that can be used to assist in health care planning at the hospital, LHIN and provincial level. This approach contributes to increased quality management.
  • Maximization of health care resources: For physicians in community hospitals, CritiCall is a vital link to the resources of larger tertiary care hospitals in their region and the province.
  • A system-approach to accessing patient care