Our Partners

Cancer care in the South West region of Ontario is delivered through a network of service providers. These providers include: a regional cancer centre (the London Regional Cancer Program at London Health Sciences Centre), hospitals that have partnership agreements with Cancer Care Ontario, and various community-based providers such as public health units, and a Local Home and Community Care centre. The delivery and quality of cancer care is overseen by the South West Regional Cancer Program to ensure patients receive the same quality of care, regardless of where they live. Click here to watch a short video that describes the role of the South West Regional Cancer Program.

South West Regional Cancer Plan

The South West Regional Cancer Plan is a blueprint to meet the unique and specific cancer care needs in the South West region.

The plan focuses on building strong partnerships and ensuring sustainability for the future.

Based on the same principles and framework as the Ontario Cancer Plan IV, this plan will guide regional service improvement over the next four years.

The London Regional Cancer Program together with its partners will work to provide the highest quality care close to home for all residents living in the South West.

Click here to learn more about the South West Regional Cancer Plan