Specimen and Shipping Instructions

Specimen and Shipping Instructions


Please carefully read the recommended specimen and shipping instructions before ordering a test. Incomplete and/or illegible requisitions and/or specimen labeling will result in testing being suspended until the complete information can be obtained. Requisitions must be signed by the referring physician.

Prenatal Testing Guide

Specimen Requirements

The preferred specimen is peripheral blood collected in EDTA (mauve top) vacutainer. Extracted DNA can also be submitted. Please specify concentration and method of extraction. Please contact the laboratory to inquire about submitting specimens other than peripheral blood.

Shipping Instructions

Lab Hours: 0700 to 1700 Monday to Friday.

Sample Handling: samples should be shipped at room temperature overnight by courier and according to current standards for Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and in IATA Packing instruction 650 summarized as:

  • a watertight primary receptacle
  • a watertight secondary receptacle with sufficient absorbent material to absorb the fluid in the primary receptacle.
  • an outer package of adequate strength for its intended use.

Samples requiring RNA extraction must be less than 48 hours old on arrival in the lab or they will be deemed inadequate.

Samples requiring DNA extraction only must be less than 5 days old on arrival in the lab or they will be deemed inadequate.

Mailing Address: (also printed on requisition)

Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Victoria Hospital, Room B10-123
London Health Sciences Centre
800 Commissioners Rd E.
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 5W9