Current Research Projects

LHSC speech-language pathologists are currently pursuing the following research initiatives:

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) in Acute Care

Kendra Thouless, Erin Wagar

LHSC speech-language pathologists are involved in implementing alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) methods and technology in the acute care setting to facilitate communication for vulnerable patients who are unable to communicate verbally. This includes, among others, patients who are dependent on a ventilator or have undergone head and neck surgery and have no effective means of expressing their wishes or direct their care.


Video: Impact of AAC on patient communication and well being

Evaluating the Impact of Speech-Language Pathology Intervention on Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

Colleen Dreyer, Sarah Hawkins, Kendra Thouless, Julie Theurer

The goal of this initiative is to evaluate and improve the efficiency of speech-language pathology care and education materials provided to people with head and neck cancer receiving radiation therapy.