Enhancing the Patient Experience

The Speech-Language Pathology Department works with patients with communication and swallowing difficulties to provide assessment, management, and treatment of these disorders. As a department we work diligently to exemplify the spirit of LHSC and focus on the values of “patient-centered care, with a spirit of inquiry and discovery, and a commitment to life-long learning.”

We have spearheaded many initiatives in order to meet patients’ needs and to provide patients with the latest innovative means of assessment and treatment. We have developed an iPad Program to provide a means of communication to patients who may have difficulty speaking while in hospital.  The goal of this project was to provide patients with a voice during their most critical time of care.   We continuously strive to reform our practice in order to meet the ever changing needs of our patients and to parallel the initiatives of LHSC as a whole.

The Speech-Language Pathology Patients, Families, and Visitors site is designed to help answer some of the many questions individuals may have with regard to who we are, and how we can help.