Speech-Language Pathology

 Building on the foundation of London Health Sciences Centre’s mission of being “an inspiring and leading academic community“, the Speech-Language Pathology Service is dedicated to partnering with patients to ensure:

  • Innovative patient care delivery models through continuous quality improvement
  • Excellence in teaching our current and future healthcare professionals
  • Leadership and collaboration in clinical research endeavours

 Our team of regulated health professionals provides service to adult inpatients that experience communication and swallowing problems, as a result of a variety of medical conditions. Together with the patient, family and the interprofessional care team, we strive to ensure safe, effective and timely involvement, contributing to a management plan that allows a smooth transition to home. Patients from our community not requiring a hospital stay may be seen for assessment of voice, speech-language, and swallowing disorders. Our comprehensive test protocols and leading technology can determine the nature of the problem and in some situations assist our physicians in identifying medical conditions that may not be fully understood. Close collaboration with other specialized services offered at London Health Sciences Centre is essential in providing optimal care to patients.

Speech-Language Pathology is dedicated to training students pursuing careers in healthcare. We offer numerous clinical placement opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills needed to treat those who are extremely ill and face complex medical conditions and decisions. Members of our team routinely contribute presentations beyond our walls at Western University, community organizations and international professional conferences.

Knowledge translation is key to developing ourselves as professionals, with the ultimate goal of achieving excellence in patient care, through research advancements. Through our many clinical research endeavours, the speech-language pathologists at London Health Sciences Centre are committed to making outstanding contributions to our profession, our organization, and our healthcare system as a whole.

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