What to Expect

Volunteers can expect: 

  • To be recognized as a valued member of team London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)
  • To experience personal growth, fulfillment and satisfaction
  • To be given a safe and meaningful assignment
  • To be fully orientated and trained by a qualified person as well as receive annual and ongoing training
  • To receive sound guidance, support and direction in their volunteer role
  • To have access to education sessions offered within the hospital
  • To have privacy and confidentiality in their dealings with LHSC
  • To be given opportunities to provide feedback and opportunities for growth by receiving feedback

Volunteer opportunities at Victoria Hospital, Children's Hospital, and University Hospital include:

Gift Shops:  
There are a total of five retail gift shops between University Hospital (UH) and Victoria Hospital (VH), which are run by the LHSC Auxiliary.    

Cancer Program (Victoria Hospital Only):  
Volunteers assist patients and help with patient flow.

Children’s Hospital:  
Volunteers engage children in different activities (i.e. games, crafts).

Inpatient Areas:  
Volunteers visit patients and assist staff and patients in various capacities. 

Outpatient Clinics:  
Volunteers help with the patient flow of an outpatient clinic.  

Peer Support:
The Peer Support Program offers in-person or virtual one-to-one peer support at any point in the cancer journey. Cancer patients, families, and caregivers can be connected with a trained peer support volunteer who has experienced a similar journey and challenges. Visit the Peer Support Program website for more information.  

Waiting Rooms:  
Liaise with family and staff, help with the patient and visitor flow.

Wayfinding volunteers welcome the public and provide information and directions for LHSC in a friendly and assistive manner.