Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply to volunteer?

Please review the Becoming a Volunteer section of the website.

How is my volunteer placement area determined?

Volunteer roles are determined based on the needs of the units and programs throughout London Health Science Centre (LHSC). Volunteers are placed in pre-determined areas. Applications are reviewed to determine where applicant’s skills, interests, and availability may be best suited. Interviews are also conducted to assess suitable placements.

What is the status of my volunteer application?

Please call 519-663-3134 or email to check on the status of your application. 

I am professionally trained in a health care field. May I practice or gain experience in my profession as a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, however, regardless of their training, volunteers must perform the duties as outlined in their role description.

Volunteer roles do not include duties or responsibilities that are performed by a licensed or regulated profession (physician, nurse, physiotherapist, lab technician etc.). Volunteer Services does not offer shadowing or observational opportunities.  

Can I volunteer for more than one shift?

New volunteers begin with one shift. Additional opportunities may be considered if you fulfil commitment expectations and there is a suitable opening. There may also be opportunities for subbing or assisting with special assignments.

What are the parking arrangements for volunteers?

Volunteers are provided free parking at LHSC, in the visitor parking lots, during their volunteer shift only. 

Do volunteers wear uniforms?

A volunteer uniform must be worn at all times during your shift. This helps identify you to other staff, patients, and their families. The uniform consists of a vest/jacket, photo ID, and nametag.

Are volunteers provided with orientation and training?

All registered LHSC volunteers receive comprehensive training as part of our onboarding requirements, which include an online orientation, training test, and in person documentation. In addition, all volunteers receive role-specific training and annual refresher training. 

Can volunteers take time off for vacation?

If you need to take time off due to travel or vacation, we simply ask that you notify us of your intention to do so we can ensure appropriate coverage in your area.