Where Wellness Works

London Health Sciences Centre’s Where Wellness Works provides programs, supports, resources, and practical tools to advance wellness across the LHSC community. Guided by the Stanford Model Framework which focuses on a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice and personal resiliency, the team works collaboratively with staff to explore how best to achieve their optimal wellness.

Our Wellness team is comprised of:

  • a Manager, Occupational Health and Wellness
  • a Health and Wellness Specialist,
  • two Staff Support Specialists,  
  • a Wellness Team Project Associate, 
  • a Fitness and Wellness Associate, and
  • a team of Fitness & Wellness Trainers.

The team works to create a shared organizational culture of wellness. Our team believes that wellness is supported by 6 pillars; physical, mental/emotional, social, spiritual/mindfulness, intellectual, and occupational.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver a continuum of CARE that incorporates a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice and personal resilience to support the psychological safety of our people, our teams and our organization. Our Mission is to integrate our CARE Framework in key areas including active living, wellness solutions and emotional support to strengthen Coping, Accountability, Resilience and Emotional well-being of our people, our teams and our organization.

The Fitness Program

The Where Wellness Works Fitness Program focusses on supporting the physical wellbeing of LHSC staff. The program creates a culture of wellness within the organization, incorporating physical activity into daily staff routines, aligning with staff values of active living as an essential part of both personal and corporate well-being. 

A variety of services encourage staff to access fitness programs at work and at home:

  • Two Fitness & Wellness Centre's open 24/7, featuring a variety of cardio, strength and flexibility training equipment,
  • in-person and virtual fitness and yoga classes and educational workshops
  • outdoor fitness classes, games and walking programs,
  • physical activity challenges
  • running and walking programs,
  • “We Come to You” 10 minute stretching and relaxation breaks,
  • Bike to Work and Take the Stairs campaign
  • internal exercise resources and tools, and
  • individual fitness consultations.

The Wellness Program

Wellness programming at LHSC takes a holistic approach. A commitment to the creation of a sustainable culture of wellness promotes the wellbeing of the employees and provides the resources they need to create healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives. We develop both proactive and reactive approaches and offer a continuum of support that addresses the unique needs of a healthcare organization, its departments, teams and individuals. Our hospital-wide network of over 100 Wellness Champions act as catalysts for change in each department, offering opportunities for their co-workers to participate in meaningful, effective strategies for improving joy and wellbeing at work.

  • A monthly newsletter,
  • wellness rounding,
  • incentivized team based contests/challenges, campaigns, wellness webinars, 
  • chair massage, 
  • a broad Wellness Champion Network, 
  • team/leadership support, 
  • individual wellness consultations, 
  • network of internal and external resources.  

The Staff Support Program

The various stressors associated with working in an acute care facility can have a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of health care professionals. In response to these professional realities, LHSC is committed to providing timely, free access to emotional support services for all staff, physicians, student learners and volunteers through our Staff Support Program.

The Staff Support Program, as part of Where Wellness Works, focuses on creating innovative ways to support the psychological health and safety of Team LHSC. Our program is available 24/7 across all LHSC sites and serves all staff, physicians, student learners and volunteers. This hospital-wide program provides immediate access to practical help along with emotional and crisis support to any LHSC Team Member. We offer specialized group services to enhance team resilience and a variety of mental health education and occupational stress prevention initiatives. From our 24/7 support services to helping staff build social connections with our unique Buddy Up initiative, the Staff Support Program has range of comprehensive strategies for enhancing wellbeing at LHSC.     

Where Wellness Works creates and maintains comprehensive, evidence-informed wellness programs that improve organizational health, enhance team cohesion, and address and support individual wellbeing.