Research in the Motor Neuron Diseases Clinic

Your Neurologist is familiar with the current research available and who is eligible to participate.  You may be approached to consider enrolling.  You will always be given information regarding the study.   Your participation is voluntary.  You may withdraw from the study at any time, but we ask that you please inform us as to the reason.

During any study you are followed very closely by the Neurologist, Nurse and Research Coordinator.  We adhere to global, national, provincial and hospital guidelines and ethics.

With your consent, we also maintain a Motor Neuron Disease Clinical and Research Database.   Your information regarding health history and care is secured indefinitely  for future research projects.

  • Motor Neuron Disease Clinical and Research Database

With your consent, your information regarding health history  and care is secured indefinitely for future research projects

  • Natural History study of patients with PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis)

This study evaluates how PLS patients change over time.  The study includes annual visits, a single skin biopsy, blood work, urine studies and multiple questionnaires about environmental exposures.

  • CNDR:  Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry
  • ONDRI:  Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative