Motor Neuron Diseases Clinic

The LHSC Motor Neuron Diseases (MND) Clinic is located on the 7th floor of London Health Sciences Centre's University Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada.  The clinic cares for patients with different motor neuron diseases including ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), PLS (primary lateral sclerosis), PMA (progressive muscular atrophy), SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), HSP (hereditary spastic paraplegia), bulbar palsy and motor neuropathies.

The LHSC MND clinic was the first of its kind in North America, established in the mid 1970's by Dr. Arthur Hudson. Although our catchment areas are Southwestern Ontario, Central and Northern Ontario,  we also see clients from other regions of Canada as well as internationally. We generally see about 300 clients per year and diagnose approximately 100 per year.

Our Mandate:

The LHSC Motor Neuron Diseases Clinic Team is a multidisciplinary group of health care providers who have expert knowledge about motor neuron diseases and who care for patients with these diseases.

Our Goals:

  • To provide expert care to patients with motor neuron diseases.
  • To provide education, monitoring, and timely interventions to patients with motor neuron diseases and to their families.
  • To promote regular communication between the family doctor, community health care providers, and the Team.
  • To act as a resource for the family doctor and others caring for the patient in their home community.
  • To be involved in clinical research in motor neuron disease including treatment trials, epidemiological research, diagnostic testing and quality of life evaluations.