MND Clinic Team Members

The Motor Neuron Diseases Clinic Team is comprised of professionals from various healthcare disciplines who may be able to contribute to the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of our patients.  This enables the MND Clinic to provide comprehensive care for our patients.


The Neurologists on our team have particular expertise and experience with motor neuron diseases and will direct the course of your patient's care, including diagnosis and treatment. 


The Team Nurse coordinates the multi-disciplinary Team visits, is a contact person for issues developing between visits, and helps coordinate appointments and clinical trials.  During Team visits, the Team Nurse will review and update the patient's current medical condition, and review medications.  The nurse will review any changes that have occurred since the patient was last seen and will ask about any changes in areas such as strength, breathing, endurance, sleep pattern, pain or eating.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists look at the day to day activities that the patient may need or want to do.  That can include everything from getting washed and dressed, to work or leisure activities.   We work with patients to identify and attempt to overcome barriers that interfere with their ability to participate in desired tasks.  This may be accomplished through:

  • Teaching new ways of doing activities
  • Providing information about equipment to compensate for lost function or enhance safety and ease of completing tasks.
  • Assisting with obtaining appropriate equipment.
  • Accessing community resources
  • Providing information about home or other modifications to enhance mobility and safety
  • Developing strategies to  maximize your endurance

Occupational therapists seek to actively involve our clients and their families in their care.  We listen to their priorities and needs and try to find solutions that fit with their unique situation.

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The physiotherapist provides information and strategies to help manage and prevent problems with breathing including proper positioning and ways to improve effectiveness of cough.    While there are no specific exercises to overcome the symptoms of ALS, the physiotherapist ensures that the patient is given information and guidance about proper exercises to help manage the symptoms and prevent other physical problems that can occur.   The physiotherapist helps to keep the patient moving about as safely and as long as possible. Patients and their families are taught how to use the right equipment and the right techniques for patient mobility, including walking, transferring and moving in bed.

Social Worker

Receiving a diagnosis of a Motor Neuron Disease is life changing.  Relationships can change and people need the opportunity to explore what these changes mean to them.

The social worker will provide counselling and assistance with:

  • Importance of having documentation regarding a Living Will, Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property
  • Availability of community services for physical and emotional support of the patient and family.   Information about the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is provided. 
  • Counselling on how to navigate the disability system.  We discuss individual’s disability coverage (private insurance plan, Canada Pension Plan, ODSP) and assist with the completion of paperwork.
  • Information and support for other issues the patient and family may have.

Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathologist understands that problems with communication and swallowing can impact an individual’s personal, social, and vocational activities. The role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in the clinic includes the assessment and management of communication and swallowing problems in patients, as well as education and information for families and significant others. Outpatients are seen during the clinic visit as their needs change and for follow-up referrals to the community or local speech-language pathologist when appropriate.

The Speech-Language Pathology Patients, Families and Visitors Site  is designed to help answer some of the many questions individuals may have with regard to who we are, and how we can help.

Clinical Dietician

The dietitian works together with patients and families to achieve an adequate intake of calories, protein and vitamins/minerals to help support the body's immune system and minimize unwanted weight loss.


The MND Clinic is very fortunate to have a volunteer to assist and guide patients to each of their morning appointments. We understand how confusing the hospital can be and so the volunteer is a great asset. Patients will be met in the Pulmonary Department by the volunteer. After lunch break, all further appointments will occur in 7 Outpatients.

Research Coordinator of Studies and Clinical Trials

The Research Coordinator will supervise and monitor patient involvement in any appropriate clinical trials or studies, with the approval of, and in consultation with, the attending Neurologist and the MND Clinic Nurse.