What to Expect

Initial Consultations

  • You will be assessed by a physician for approximately 1 hour.   Patients are often seen by a resident physician or a fellow (specialist in training) first, prior to being reviewed by Dr. Shoesmith or Dr. Strong.
  • The assessment will include a history and physical examination.
  • You will often be sent for blood work and/or an EMG test.

Multi-disciplinary Team Visit

  • This visit will be approximately 5 hours and will include 30-to-45-minute assessments by each of our multi-disciplinary team members: physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, dietician and social worker.
  • You will also have a pulmonary function test on this visit.  This is valuable information regarding your lung function.
  • A lunch break will be built into your schedule.  You may purchase a lunch in our cafeteria on the 3rd floor, or you may choose to bring a lunch with you. There will not be sufficient time for you to leave the hospital for lunch.