Program Description:

  • Paediatric Inpatient Oncology, Surgery, and Medicine
  • Most often patients from 1year of age to 18 years old
  • Care delivered in a primary care model with all RN staff
  • ALOS 2.8 days
  • Approx  1800 admissions per year

General Information:

Number of beds:

  • Two 12 bed units
  • All RN staff nurses complimented by allied health services including APN's
  • D7 100 and 200
  • Nurse patient ratio is 1: 3-4
  • Victoria Hospital Site

Scheduling Information:

  • Shift times 07-19, and 19-07
  • Shift options include  Full time DDNN, and continental rotations, rotating shift RPT, Job share, and casual

Background Essentials:

  • Must have minimum recent 2 years paediatric acute care experience
  • Must  have CNO registration
  • Must have BCLS certification
  • Must have current experience with chemotherapy handling and administration

Professional Assets:

  • Central line access device knowledge and experience
  • Pediatric peritoneal dialysis knowledge and experience
  • Paediatric transplant knowledge and experience
  • Paediatric IV and phlebotomy experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability to practice in a family centred care environment
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving ability
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team

Professional Development:

  • paediatric oncology certification training course run yearly
  • paediatric peritoneal dialysis course run occasionally
  • each nurse is highly encouraged to attend advertised education sessions and seek out opportunities for professional development and ongoing learning

Student Consolidation:

  • We take up to 8 consolidation students per year (depending on preceptor availability). Each student is expected to rotate between units with their preceptors.

Program Links:


  • POGO website, COG website, Paediatric Nursing Journal
  • Children's website in development
  • CHFoundation, and Childcan
  • APOHN website