Why Be A Nurse?

Choosing a career is closer than you think!

Whatever grade you're in, you've probably already started thinking about your career choices. Have you ever considered Nursing? If you're a caring person, and you want a career that's both exciting and meaningful, it could be the right choice for you!

Here are some great reasons for becoming a NURSE:

  • You can make a real difference in peoples' lives, every day.
  • Nursing is a rewarding, dynamic, challenging career.
  • There are many specialty areas available to you.
  • Society respects and recognizes what you do.
  • Nurses are very much in demand.
  • Nurses have the opportunity to always learn new things.
  • You can work in all kinds of settings: hospitals, classrooms, clinics, etc.
  • Nurses are recognized for having a broad scope of knowledge.
  • It's a great profession for both men and women.
  • There are many places across Canada where you can study nursing.

Want to find out more about becoming a Nurse?