The core values for nursing practice at LHSC

These core values are integral to the practice of nursing at LHSC and help to guide our work on the Nursing Professional Practice Model.

Patient/family-centred care:

  • patients and families are the focus
  • patients are seen as partners and are actively involved in care
  • nursing has a key role in coaching and empowering patients/families
  • patients have the right to decide/be informed
  • we provide holistic care and pay attention to the uniqueness of individuals

Interdisciplinary collaboration:

  • interdisciplinary team approach to patient/family care
  • involves mutual respect and co-operation

Caring relationships:

  • honesty, integrity, flexibility
  • importance of two-way communication in all relationships
  • feeling safe in risk-taking is critical
  • the value of the professional conscience for patient care
  • respect, tolerance, acceptance and dignity for patients and colleagues


  • personal and professional accountability
  • commitment to lifelong learning
  • research-based nursing practice
  • competency-based practice
  • shared decision-making in practice
  • conscientious application of critical thinking and clinical judgement