Nursing Professional Practice Council

What is the Nursing Professional Practice Council (NPPC)?

Our NPPC is accountable for the advancement of professional nursing practice throughout LHSC that is both patient- and family-centred. The Council provides an opportunity to develop leadership qualities in nursing staff and works to improve the quality of work life for nurses across the organization. NPPC reports to the Vice-President, Patient Care Services.

What does it do?

  • NPPC provides a forum for identifying, examining, and making decisions regarding current and future practice issues/initiatives that influence professional practice beyond the unit and program levels,
  • identifies strategies for addressing special issues relating to nursing professional practice at LHSC,
  • collaborates with other professionals in the discussion, change and evaluation of practice issues,
  • interprets and foresees the implications of impending legislation, professional standards and guidelines from government and professional bodies,
  • enhances the professional development of nurses through mentoring in the professional leadership role, and
  • provides two-way communication systems for nurses on significant issues, changes to practice, and issues resolution.

Who sits on the Council?

  • Staff Nurse representatives from all programs, one of whom will act as Co-Chair in conjunction with the Professional Practice Team Leader
  • 2 Co-ordinators (RNs)
  • 2 Advanced Practice Nurses/Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • 2 Clinical Educators
  • 1 Manager (RN)
  • All members of the Nursing Professional Practice Team

What are some current projects/issues?

  • Shared Governance Model for nursing
  • Evidence-based practice/Best Practice Guidelines development and utilization
  • Professional development
  • Standardized orientation levels
  • Policy and procedure evaluation and implementation
  • Accessibility, suitability and standardization of nursing equipment
  • Recruitment and retention of nursing staff

Why should nurses join the Council membership?

NPPC offers nurses the opportunity to be more fully informed, get involved, be a role model, and have a voice in addressing nursing issues organization wide.

What is 'NPPC News'?

A monthly publication released following each monthly meeting, the NPPC News incorporates minutes from previous meetings, upcoming agenda items, and any other topics that are of interest to Nurses at LHSC. Just as LHSC is evolving, so is NPPC. The newsletter has been in operation for over five years and we determined that it was time for a change. The new 'look' is in keeping with our accomplishments and activities to date. The NPPC is sent out via e-mail but is also available in hard copy should it be requested.