Program Description:

  • Patient Types 0-17 years of age and critically ill
  • Care Provided ventilatory support, dialysis, CVVH, intensive monitoring
  • Average length of stay 3.5 days
  • Other program statistics 750 patients per year (150 newborns, 100 trauma)
  • Transport team that transport 250 neonates and children per year
  • Critical care response team that responds to paediatric activations and 
  • follows al children transferred from PCCU for 48 hours

General Information:

Number of beds:

  • Number of beds 12
  • Team Composition (eg. advance practice nurse, clinical educators, nurse clinicians)Charge nurses, coordinator, physician, nurse educator, RT, dietician, social work, pharmacist
  • Location in hospital C2-700
  • Nurse to patient ratio1:1, 1:2
  • Hospital Site VH

Scheduling Information:

  • Shift times 0700-1900 and 1900-0700
  • Shift options DDNN 5 off rotation

Background Essentials:

  • One year in acute paediatric setting or consolidation and NGGI experience in PCCU

Professional Assets:

  • NRP, PALS, BScN, ICU experience (paediatric, neonatal or adult), Emergency care experience

Professional Development:

  • 6 week orientation with didactic and mentored experience at the bedside, graduated learning titrated to individual need
  • 3 (12 hour shifts) paid education for FT RNs. Education committee arranges 8 hour education opportunities based on need that includes invited experts to speak on specific topics relevant to critical care of newborns and paediatric patients as well as family centered care

Student Consolidation:

  • We offer 3 positions per year.  It is focused and very clinical