Meet Paulo


Nurse Paulo

"Shortly after I arrived in Canada, I started my own business. But I wanted something more secure than self-employment. Before I immigrated to Canada I hoped to someday get into the medical field. Accessing the health care system for one of my two daughters made me aware of the importance of health care workers. I met with a counselor to discuss my options and they suggested I go into Nursing since it was a growing profession. Here I am now working as a nurse and loving it. Through the Nursing program at UWO, I was exposed to LHSC in many of my clinical placements. The staff was excellent and the working conditions seemed favorable. I graduated in the spring of 2002 and started working right away on the General Surgery unit at University Hospital. My new colleagues made me feel like part of the team right from the start. General Surgery has very fair management and good teamwork with all the medical professions. It is a very active unit-never a dull moment. I now work as a Nurse Clinician with SWOT (Skin, Wound, Ostomy Team) - which I co-founded with Lina Martins, Ruth Best and Kathryn Kozell. LHSC has given me the opportunity to evolve in the Nursing Profession. I am currently finishing the Enterostomal Therapy (ET) Nursing program, and looking forward to the future here with LHSC. I now have a son, and my two daughters have grown - it is nice to be able to grow with them. Nursing is a lot better than I expected and working at LHSC was the right thing for me to do. "

- Paulo, RN, BScN, ET(c) Nurse Clinician for Surgical Care