Program Description:

This program provides services in Gynecology, Obstetrics, Amnio, Colposcopy, and Therapeutic Abortions & Counselling on an outpatient basis.

General Information:

Team Composition: RN’s and RPN’s

Nurse to patient ratio: Varies

Hospital Site: Victoria Hospital Level 3

Scheduling Information:

  • Shifts are Monday – Friday from 0800-1600 and some half days

Background Essentials:

  • Experience in other women’s programs
  • OR/Day Surgery experience
  • 5 years of general nursing
  • 2 years in OB and Ambulatory Care
  • Amnio experience
  • Counselling experience
  • Colposcopy and Laser experience

Professional Assets:

  • Venipuncture and IV experience

Professional Development:

  • In-services provided by in-patient unit as needed

Student Consolidation:

  • Not recommended for consolidating students

Program Links:

  • JOGC and SOGC websites are relevant to this area