Pathology and Laboratory Medicine contacts:

Client Support
(for general inquiries and
laboratory test results)

519-685-8500, ext. 56495

David Driman, MBChB, FRCPC
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

519-685-8500, ext. 36378
Bekim Sadikovic, PhD
Program Head - Molecular Diagnostics and Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre
519-685-8500, ext. 53074

Aaron Haig, MD, FRCPC
Program Head - Pathology
519-685-8500, ext. 36365
Ian Chin-Yee, MD, FRCP(C)
Program Head - Laboratory Medicine
519-685-8500, ext. 58479

Johan Delport, MD, FRCP(C)
Program Head - Microbiology
519-685-8500, ext. 58149

Sara De Candido, MBA
Director - Pathology and Microbiology
519-685-8500, ext. 77023
Nicole Girotti, PhD
Director - Laboratory Medicine
519-685-8500, ext. 52228

Susan Milburn
Director (Interim) - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
519-685-8500, ext. 52903

Caterina Mancusi, CPA
Director of Finance
519-685-8500, ext. 52724
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