How to Become a Board Member

LHSC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of 19 board members. Fifteen (15) community members are elected by LHSC members of the corporation and have a wide range of skills and experience. Four (4) ex-officio members sit as board members by virtue of their position of office or mandated as part of legislation.

Board Renewal Process for Elected Directors

When an elected director completes their term the Nominating Committee looks for a replacement with the right mixture of skills, experience, personal qualities and diversity to complement the existing members and address the current needs of LHSC. A candidate’s ability to commit to a significant amount of volunteer time is an important factor in the selection process.

LHSC, through its Governance Committee utilizes the following process for board renewal:

  • Assess Needs: Review the Board Member Profile to ensure it accurately reflects the long-term Strategic Direction and needs of LHSC.
  • Determine Board Vacancies/Terms available
  • Skills Matrix: Review skills, expertise and personal qualities required to support the Strategic Direction and needs of LHSC - Update where required
  • Self Evaluation: Update the Skills Matrix with information provided by existing Board Members. Develop gap analysis focusing on skills, talents, experience and personal qualities that are either required or would be complementary to the skill base of the current board.
  • Recruit Candidates: Engage broadly to develop a pool of interested potential candidates meeting the skills, expertise, personal qualities and diversity requirements for both Board and Committee appointments.
    • Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume or bio to the Chair of the Board at the following email address:
  • Review List through active discussion with the Nominating Committee, referencing the Skills Matrix information, determine appropriate candidate list for consideration for election to the Board/Committees.
  • Consideration will be given to those individuals possessing the identified skill, talent and experience who are currently involved with the LHSC Board Committee structure who are not excluded persons** as defined by the LHSC Administrative Bylaw
  • Contact Prospective Candidates: Chair, Nominating Committee will contact those persons identified by the Nominating Committee to determine interest in serving within the LHSC Governance structure. This communication will ensure that prospective Board members have clarity regarding the nominating process as well as Director/Board profiles, roles and responsibilities, expectations of time commitments and other information as required.
  • Confirm Individuals: The Nominating Committee brings forward a list of recommended candidates to the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee reviews the list and then the recommended candidates are brought forward to the Board for information. The endorsed candidates are then recommended for election at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Elect Directors: LHSC members of the corporation, (current elected Directors) elect the new directors
  • Develop Skills: Provide orientation and ongoing education to board, including meetings with management education and strategy briefings, orientation manuals and external training programs

If you are interested in learning more about governance leadership, please forward your cover letter and resume, telling us why you'd like to serve as a representative of the people of this community on our Governance team.  

Please attach your resume or CV, including your past volunteer experience to the Office of the Board of Directors by emailing

**“Excluded Person” means:
(i) any member of the Professional Staff other than the members of the Medical Staff appointed to the Board pursuant to the Public Hospitals Act;
(ii) any employee other than the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nursing Executive;
(iii) any Associate of a member of the Professional Staff or employee of the Corporation; and
(iv) any person convicted of a criminal offence;

Definition: “Associates” in relation to an individual means the individual’s parents, siblings, children, spouse, or common law partner, who reside in the same household as the individual, and include any organization, agency, company, or individual (such as a business partner) with a formal relationship to the individual;