Directory of Records

LHSC’s Directory of Records lists and describes the types of records that are held by the hospital. 

The Directory of Records, which includes both general records and Personal Information Banks (PIBs) held by the hospital, is divided into five functional categories. PIBs are collections of personal information that are organized and can be retrieved by an individual’s name or identifying number. Examples of PIBs include individual employee files and correspondence files maintained by the Patient Relations Office.

Records at LHSC are organized into the following categories: 


Includes records related to the general administration and governance of the hospital including documents of incorporation, corporate by-laws, hospital policies, corporate correspondence, accreditation materials, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and senior management, and more.


Includes records related to the management of the hospital’s finances including OHIP records, procurement, payroll documents, employer health tax records, HST/GST refunds, source documents integral to financial statements and more.

Human Resources

Includes records related to the management of staff, physicians and volunteers and the provision of benefits and services including employee/physician applications and appointments, workplace accidents, occupational health and safety records, minutes of Joint Health and Safety Committee, and more.

Quality and Risk Management

Include records relating to the management of risk and quality of care reviews including critical incident summaries, risk management reports, privacy breaches, patient complaints and satisfaction reviews results, and more.


Includes records relating to the approval and management of research conducted at the hospital including research data, protocols, proposals publications, Research Ethics Board approvals, agreements and financial records specific to research, and more.