Committees of the Board

Committees are an important element of a board's governance processes that aid it in the fulfillment of its governance role. The general rule is that a board establishes the committees that are required by it to assist with the work of the board. Accordingly, the number of committees, their terms of reference and composition, can all be decided upon by the board in the exercise of its discretion; except where specific committees are required by law.

In addition, all committees, through their governance responsibilities, will continue to build on the priority of the hospital to provide respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and competent care that supports mutually beneficial partnerships between clients, families, and London Health Sciences Centre.

Statutory Committees (required by law):

Fiscal Advisory Committee

Operating under the authority of the Public Hospitals Act (Ontario), the Fiscal Advisory Committee provides advice to the Board through its Resource and Audit Committee with respect to the operation, use and staffing of the hospital.

The Committee is chaired by the Corporate Services Executive/CFO, and member representatives from Finance & Support Services; Clinical Programs; Information Management Group; Policy, Education and Health Promotion; Research; Human Resources & Wellness; OPSEU, ONA, medical staff, management staff, nursing, professional services.

Medical Advisory Committee

The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is accountable to the Board of Directors at London Health Sciences Centre in accordance with the Public Hospitals Act.

The Committee is in place to promote the highest standards of medical care throughout the hospital. Through its subcommittees, the MAC monitors and approves initiatives for improving the quality of care provided to patients and their families. The MAC provides general supervision over the practice of medicine, dentistry and midwifery in the hospital and is an important link to addressing issues that impact Professional Staff members (physicians, dentists and midwives) clinically and professionally.

The MAC makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning matters prescribed by the Public Hospitals Act including:

  • The quality of care provided in the hospital by the professional staff;
  • The by-laws respecting any professional staff;
  • The clinical and general rules regarding the professional staff;
  • Privileges granted to each member of the professional staff;
  • Appointment and reappointment to the professional staff; and,
  • The dismissal, suspension or restrictions of privileges of any member of the professional staff.

The MAC assists and advises the Board and the President and CEO in carrying out the requirements of the UWO Affiliation Agreements as they apply to Professional Staff. The MAC also facilitates the development and maintenance of rules and regulations, policies, ethical guidelines and procedures related to the roles of the professional staff.

Quality and Culture Committee

Operating under the authority of the Ontario Regulation 445/10 of the Excellent Care for All Act the Quality and Culture Committee provides advice to the Board on quality. The Act requires health care organizations, beginning with public hospitals, to report to each hospital board on quality related issues.

The Quality and Culture Committee focuses on four main areas:

  • Assisting the Board in fulfilling its responsibility in reference to quality and patient safety
  • Assisting the Board in fulfilling its responsibility for organizational performance
  • Assisting the Board in the performance monitoring requirements within the accountability agreements
  • Assisting the Board in fulfilling its responsibility for risk management

Other Committees

Children's Hospital Committee

The Children’s Hospital Committee is established by the Board of Directors in recognition that Children’s Hospitals need to be differentiated within the larger organizational context within which they operate, with protected funding for children’s care being defined at the highest levels so that children’s programs and services are not subjected to cuts as a result of the need to deal with the financial challenges presented by a rapidly aging population.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a committee of the Board. Its purpose is as per the Administrative By-law Article 8.04 is to act for the Board in emergency situations (as determined by the Chair) that require Board action where it is impractical to convene a quorum of the full Board, or when specifically authorized by the Board to act in its stead.

Resource and Audit Committee

The Resource and Audit Committee provides governance oversight with respect to the organization's resource and financial health and business preparedness. The Committee also ensures that the Board is kept apprised of fiscal and business issues that may arise that impact the organization's capacity to meet its strategic plan, purpose or vision.

Governance and Transition Committee

The Governance Committee is a standing committee of the Board and is accountable to the Board. Its purpose is to provide the Board with the assurance that governance mechanisms are in place and effective within London Health Sciences Centre.

Research Committee

The Research Committee, an advisory committee to the Board of Directors, is responsible for monitoring and evaluating LHSC and Children’s Hospital discovery, translational and clinical Research Enterprise, which includes providing oversight over related commercialization activities, and making recommendations to the Board as it may consider appropriate from time to time to increase the effectiveness of the Research Enterprise.

Strategic Redevelopment Committee

The advisory committee shall be delegated responsibilities aligned with the oversight of the strategic management and sustainable development with the interests of the Corporation in serving the hospital’s population scope.  The Committee shall ensure that the hospital’s brand remains trusted and relevant to the population that LHSC and Children’s Hospital serve. The Committee shall report and make recommendations where applicable to the Board of Directors.