Keeping You Informed

While your loved one is in the CSRU, they are in the Intensive Care Unit. We understand that communication is important during your loved one’s stay in the CSRU. We will do our best to update you on their condition as quickly as possible.

Your loved one will come to the Cardiac Surgery Recovery Unit (CSRU) directly from the operating room. The volunteer in the waiting room will let you know when your loved one has arrived and when you may visit. You can ask the volunteer at the desk to call and check if your loved one will be arriving soon.

When your loved one arrives in the CSRU, you will be asked to wait until the health team gets them settled before you can visit. After your first visit, you may contact the appropriate bed number extension to call for an update and before subsequent visits.

The health care team knows that receiving information can be overwhelming at times. Please ask questions. We will answer to the best of our knowledge. If you are uncertain about what you have been told, please let us know and we will try to provide more information. If you cannot have your questions answered right away, write them down and bring them with you on your next visit. We want you to fully understand the situation.

In the CSRU, we respect our patients’ privacy. To help our staff communicate with your loved one’s family and friends, it is helpful to choose a family spokesperson. This spokesperson will be the primary contact for the CSRU team to share information and organize meetings. For futher information about privacy, please visit the London Health Sciences Centre Privacy Page.