Take Care of Yourself

When a loved one is ill or has major surgery, it can be easy to forget that you need to take care of yourself as well. You play an important role in the care of your loved one, so it is important that you stay healthy.

Suggestions for coping and staying healthy:

  1. Sleep is important for good health. Your loved one will rely on your strength as he or she starts to feel better. You may feel uncomfortable about leaving the hospital while your loved one is in, especially if it is for a long time. Leaving the hospital is the best way for you to get good rest. If you are from out-of-town, ask the staff for help finding a suitable place to stay. If you wake up in the night and wish to know how your loved one is doing, give us a call. We will always call you if there is a significant change.

  2. Eat balanced meals even though you may not feel hungry. Proper nutrition is important to maintain strength.

  3. Take a break. When your loved one’s stay with us is long you will need to take some breaks from the hospital. Go for a walk in the fresh air or go out for a cup of coffee at one of our cafeterias.

  4. Try to maintain your normal routine as much as possible. Any medical conditions you may have can change during a stressful time such as this.

  5. Spiritual support is important. You may bring your own clergy to the hospital at any time. Pastoral Care is available at the hospital. If you would like a visit from an interfaith pastor, please notify the nurse.

  6. If your loved one’s situation has become critical, try to keep a positive yet realistic outlook. It is common to see signs of progress and then setbacks when patients are critically ill. Our goal is to promote patient comfort no matter what the situation may be. It often helps to discuss your feelings with someone and the staff can help.

For more information:

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