Visiting the Hospital

LHSC continues to advise visitors who feel unwell, but do not require care to avoid coming to the hospital. Feeling unwell includes, but is not limited to, respiratory issues (cough, runny nose, fever, shortness of breath) or gastrointestinal issues (vomit, diarrhea, nausea).

Visitor Restrictions

Effective immediately, LHSC’s visitor policy has been further restricted to protect our patients, staff and physicians. In general, no visitors are allowed at LHSC, with limited exceptions for essential visitors, for all adult areas except Critical Care Units. Exceptions, including those for Critical Care Units, are outlined in the policy. Please read the updated Visitor Policy here.

Essential visitors include the following:

  • One visitor of a patient who is dying or very ill
  • One support person for a woman in labour 
  • One visitor of a patient undergoing surgery on that day
  • Parents/guardians of an ill child or youth

At Children’s Hospital, two caregivers can be identified upon admission and recorded at the unit level, but only caregiver can be at the bedside at any given time. Exceptions to this would be for palliative patients, critically ill patients, and by a case by case review related to extenuating circumstances.

There is a very limited exception for visiting a COVID-19 patient:

One non-household, asymptomatic visitor may visit a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patient under the following conditions:

  • The clinical team is able to provide visitors with a safe environment and teaching necessary for infection control
  • The visitor is masked and reports to Public Health as they will be required to self-isolate

We ask that you clean your hands when you enter and exit the facility, as well as when you enter and exit your loved ones room. 

Please see Hospital Entrance Restrictions and Service Changes for more information.