Patient and visitor masking

Effective Wednesday, June 3, all ambulatory patients and visitors are required to wear a mask upon entry to the hospital. Patients and visitors will be provided a mask at patient/visitor entrances, but are encouraged to wear their own, including cloth masks. Patients who fail symptom screening, but who have a required appointment, will be required to wear a hospital-provided approved mask.

We recognize that some patients may not be able to tolerate wearing a mask due to their health condition. These patients will be exempt. Paediatric patients under five years of age, who cannot tolerate a mask, are also exempt from wearing a mask. Health-care workers are protected from those unable to mask by wearing their own required PPE.

Those who are unfamiliar with wearing a mask will be provided instruction upon screening. A poster and Q&A are available to explain the change and illustrate how to properly wear a mask.