Patient and visitor masking

 LHSC has updated our masking policy to align with guidelines released by Public Health Ontario. 

For patients/visitors/caregivers:

  • Masking is voluntary in the majority of clinical areas

  • Patients and visitors in clinical areas with higher-risk patient populations (this includes C7 BMT/Oncology and the Multi-Organ Transplant Unit) will continue the following masking practices:

    • Masking of patients or visitors is still recommended when receiving care directly from staff or physicians.

    • Masking is recommended in associated waiting rooms

  • Patients with a fever or respiratory symptoms are still required to mask in all clinical and non-clinical settings (except if in an inpatient room or bed space*).
  • Masks will continue to be available in main entrances of the hospital.

We recognize that some patients may not be able to tolerate wearing a mask due to their health condition. These patients will be exempt. Paediatric patients under five years of age, who cannot tolerate a mask, are also exempt from wearing a mask. Health-care workers are protected from those unable to mask by wearing their own required PPE.

*a patient’s bed space refers to a private patient room or the space enclosed by a curtain in a multi-bed room.