CSTAR Utilization 2022 - 2024

In fiscal years 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, a total of 5,716 and 5,608 learners, respectively, were accommodated at the educational institute. These numbers align with the CSTAR fiscal utilization trends as the institute resumed operating at full capacity over the last two years following the lifting of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. 

When categorized by staff type, Nurses consistently accounted for the highest percentage of learners at 40% and 46% for the respective fiscal years. Medical Students comprised 14% and 18% of attendees, while Residents from other Disciplines represented 15% and 11.5%. Health Disciplines, including Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Emergency Management Technicians (EMTs), and Respiratory Therapists (RTs), collectively made up 6.6% and 5% of attendees across the two fiscal years. Surgical Residents accounted for 4.6% and 4% of learners, and Surgeons on Practice constituted 1.2% and 0.5% by fiscal year, respectively.​



This image shows the number of learners by each category for years 2022 - 2024.