In Situ Simulation

Bringing Simulation to the Front Line

What is In situ Simulation?

According to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in situ simulation is defined as “taking place in the actual patient care setting/environment in an effort to achieve a high level of fidelity and realism”. In situ simulations are conducted directly on the unit, using a Manikin or simulated patient. Depending on the goal of the simulation, staff may or may not be aware ahead of time that a simulation is occurring. In all cases we ask that staff treat the simulation as a real patient encounter in order to maximize the learning. 

What to Expect

Scenarios are based on real, experienced events designed to provide staff an opportunity to practice skills that may be used less often and to test the system to ensure the resources and environment are optimized for safety and reliability. Every in situ event concludes with a debrief where learners are encouraged to reflect on performance, discuss challenges they may have encountered and make recommendations for the future. Issues with equipment, access to supplies, role clarity and gaps in process or education are identified and brought forward to area leadership for follow-up. 

Support From CSTAR

In addition to providing equipment, CSTAR staff can provide assistance with scenario development; data and information collection; participant and facilitator evaluation; and documenting feedback and outcomes. CSTAR is also accredited by the RCPSC to grant CPD Section 3 credits for participants, providing all of the requirements are met. 

Equipment available to support in situ simulation
  •  In situ cart complete with patient monitors, a sound system, and recording devices, that is compatible with our SimMan3G Manikin or can be run in Simulated Patient mode.   
  • Ultrasound simulator that is compatible with our Manikins where images can be uploaded specific to the scenario.   

  • Resusci Anne QCPR provides in the moment feedback on the quality of CPR, including compression depth, rate and release; ventilation; and hands-on time. The Manikin can be intubated and shocked; tracks the timing of significant events during a code blue scenario; and is easily transportable allowing us to offer simulated arrests to other sites.   

  • SimMan3G (University Hospital only) high fidelity patient simulator  

  • Video recording equipment 

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